About Michelle

An insight into who I am

Michelle Longstaff – Marriage & Life Celebrations Celebrant

Marriage Celebrant Margaret River

I feel a good place to start is to share a few reasons as to why I decided to become a Celebrant.

Being in my early 30’s many friends around me are stepping into the next exciting chapter of their live’s… marriage! Naturally I have attended their ceremonies and was fortunate to be part of bridal parties. Which I just loved! This got me thinking…  how could I get involved in such a happy occasion as a professional?

I am a natural leader, organized, professional, and approachable. I imagine this has developed through the years in the corporate world of being a Personal Assistant, then later managing staff & small businesses. I have always had the desire to help people and to guide people, which is why I studied Natural Therapies at a young age. These previous roles taught me how to relate to a range of different people and work along side them to achieve whatever was required. Most importantly I love interacting with people. Listening to their stories, especially on the subject of life’s fun milestones and celebrations.

Since moving to Margaret River in 2012, I have been extremely fortunate to transform nearly all of my hobbies, passions & strengths (a few of what I have mentioned above) into my ‘work’.  I just have one more hobby to include into this new work life balance or as I like calling it lifestyle of mine… Stand up paddle boarding… Who wants a ceremony on paddleboards? I am not quite sure how it works just yet, but who knows the possibilities are endless! Be creative and personalise your ceremony, make it your own!