Marriage Ceremonies

Marriage Ceremonies

Marriage according to law in Australia is the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. It is legal recognition of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which the Bride and Groom are entering.

There are many options in a Civil Marriage Ceremony. You as a couple, can choose the celebrant, the date, the time, the place, the words, the music and the style of ceremony you desire. The ceremony can include poems, readings, music, special rituals and/or cultural symbols. Family and friends may also participate in the ceremony. There is of course a legal component to the ceremony where a Monitum is read, legal vows are said in a sequence by the Celebrant and both the Bride and Groom, as well as the signing of legal documents. Most Marriage Ceremonies generally last 20-45 minutes depending on the content and rituals chosen.

My services include the following:

~ Legal paperwork & lodgment (including a Marriage Certificate issued from myself)

– Professional PA system – microphone & music input.

– Ceremony rehearsal at ceremony venue

– Signing table

– Unlimited phone calls & emails

– Complete Ceremony Script

– Application for Marriage Certificate received by the Registrar with your registration number (optional).


Suggestions/assistance on:

  • Format of the ceremony
  • Personal vows
  • Poems
  • Readings
  • Rituals – Sand Ceremony, Painting, Love Locks, Ring Ceremony, planting of a plant the list goes on.


Bride and Grooms who already have children may want to incorporate a Naming Ceremony for the children or include their children in the Ceremony. Family and Friends maybe be asked to read a poem or perform a song. The options are once again endless.

Traditional, cultural, unique or themed, whatever your style, I can assist you in creating a personalised ceremony that fulfills your desires.

I do request a deposit be paid to secure your preferred date and from there we can get started with creating your dream ceremony.

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