Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies were created for families wanting to celebrate the arrival of a new child. This non-religious ceremony is an alternative option to a Christening or a Baptism. It can be a way of welcoming him/her and introducing them to family and friends. Naming ceremonies are appropriate for anyone, at any age. It can be a way of uniting step or adopted children within a family, or even announcing an adult name change. There are endless great reasons to hold a naming ceremony. When celebrating the arrival of a new baby, older children in the family can also be recognised and celebrated at the same time. Some Naming Ceremonies are even combined into a Marriage Ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies can include godparents, mentors or guardians. Guests and family members can be involved in the ceremony, with readings and rituals to create a special and personal Ceremony. Most ceremonies last approximately 20-45 minutes depending on the content and rituals chosen.

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My services include the following:

  • Naming Certificate (Each child or person being named receives a Certificate or they can be combined)
  • Professional PA system – microphone & music input.
  • Ceremony rehearsal at ceremony venue
  • Signing table
  • Unlimited phone calls & emails
  • Complete Ceremony Script


Suggestions/assistance on:

  • Format of the Ceremony
  • Personal Vows
  • Poems
  • Readings
  • Rituals – Sand Ceremony, Painting, a gift Ceremony, planting of a plant sealing a time capsule the list goes on.

Themed, casual or formal, whatever your style, I can assist you in creating a personalised ceremony that fulfills your desires.

I do request a deposit be paid to secure your preferred date and from there we can get started with creating your dream ceremony.

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